Opening Night at Victoria Art Gallery

The Bath Society of Artists currently has their Open Exhibition in the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath, it runs until the 29 June, so if you have not yet visited, it's well worth doing so. Being married to the exhibition organiser, Tim Carroll meant that I heard a lot about what was going on behind the scenes before the event took place. It's a tremendous undertaking to select and gather work together to exhibit in the wonderfully prestigious Victoria Art Gallery.
The opening night is tremendously popular, very crowded and difficult to see the work properly in the crush, I'm looking forward to returning another day. Tim's work, 'The Orangerie' was selected by the gallery to be used in promotional materials, so can be seen on posters and on the flyers outside the gallery:
 and here's the poster.
 I managed to get quite a good photo of Tim, it wasn't easy because of the crush!
Here's an attempt to photograph the gallery
I took a few other photos, I was particularly interested in seeing Libby beside her portrait painted by Dante Turner
She was very keen to talk about it to her friends, I should have asked her about it, why there are several cats in it for example, but I expect Libby likes cats.
I talked to Lindy Wright in front of her portrait 'Le Chef Prive Laurent Couvreur', I htink she has captured the chef's face and the essence of him.
I was also attracted to this Linocut print 'Moroccan Honey Jar' by Pam Kaye, I love the colours and patterns.
 Apart from The Orangerie', Tim also is exhibiting 'The Arbour' seen below
 and 'The Great Blondini' seen below
 Tim also sent me a few photos he took, the first one looks like pictures are arranged on the floor of the gallery before being hung on the walls.
then hanging the paintings
and the first visitors looking at the exhibition
 It's a great exhibition, well worth a visit.