Secret Swindon Book Launch

Angela Atkinson's book Secret Swindon was launched in the Central Library on 28 July at 11am, it was a well planned event with lots of familiar faces present. I'm struggling to describe Angela adequately, so thought I'd resort to Googling her, only to find there's another AA author, not our Angela. I first 'met' Angela through her Born Again Swindonian  blog where there's a great short summary of who Angela is, and lots more about her, she says:
'I moved to Swindon back in the 1990s from a part of the country that had been devastated by the 1980s pit closures. So coming here to Swindon was truly like coming to the land of milk and honey. I was afforded opportunities and facilities that were not easily obtainable back in my part of Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire. And that’s partly, but not entirely, what lays behind my fondness for, and advocacy of, Swindon and the decision to build this Swindon-centric blog. Don't get me wrong: I'm as aware as anyone of what could be different and better. I simply try to look beyond that and see what's beyond that - and there's lots. As this blog can testify.'
What struck me was that Angela was getting about a lot in Swindon, and writing positive things about her experiences. I am also a keen Swindonian and through my Swindon Open Studios blog was also taking a glass half full approach.
I was very pleased to meet her in person after a few exchanges on social media, and we've shared many interesting times since then. Angela's book is a logical extension of the blog, it's very well researched with plenty of photos, and lots of information about Swindon that certainly I didn't know. I found it a really good read.
I took a few photos of the launch, the first one shows Carole Bent introducing Angela. I've included three of these photos because they are very touching. Carole is explaining some of Angela's achievements and finer qualities making Angela laugh in the first photo
 and now have a sip of wine
 and then listen
 meanwhile here are a couple of photos of the audience

 and then Angela talked about the background to the book
 and afterwards sold signed copies and we all talked a lot more. The main thing to mention now is that copies of Angela's book can be bought from the Central Library, or online
There's also a great piece in the Adver written by Sarah Singleton about the book.